work and life
with passion.




a process of thoughts and actions used to develop unique & useful ideas.

Like juicy ripe fruit, creativity is a delectable sweetness that can be cultivated and then harvested. Fuse helps businesses and individuals nurture the innovative brain to its highest potential to connect, imagine, expand, critique & take action.  Reimagine the juices of your own creative potential.

Fuse blends creative thinking with critical thinking
so anyone can problem-solve, innovate, & take action with confidence.

Fuse ignites passion, imagination & innovative ideas
so you can apply your passion and live life vigorously.

What can improve with creative thinking?

  • career journey
  • innovation
  • productivity & profit
  • relationships & teamwork
  • leadership skills
  • mind & body health
  • quality of life

How does Fuse ignite your creativity & passion? By strengthening:

PASSION. Live your life outloud, in vivid, full-spectrum color!
PERSPECTIVE. Gather ideas from new territory to spark your way.
INCUBATION. The messiness of creativity fuels the fire of innovation.
RISK-TAKING. Turn the insurmountable and scary into an adventure!
INTEGRATION. Use the past and present to design your future.
BALANCE. Entangle passion with intelligence. Weave scrutiny with wildness.
PERSISTENCE. Build a new narrative of possibility and wade in.
EMPOWERMENT. Bring about an illumination of your true self.
ACTION. And finger paint life with abandon!

Who is Fuse?


Dr. Kathy Hoyt is a Licensed Psychologist with graduate degrees in Clinical, Developmental and Environmental Psychology. Her expertise draws on decades of experience doing personal and career counseling for children, teens, adults, and business leaders, along with consulting experience in business, educational, and clinical settings plus teaching & research experience at 9 universities. Her current focus is on consulting for individuals & groups, and providing workshops on creativity and career issues. She has lived and raised a family in Bend since 1997.

Career Consulting (for Individuals or Groups)

Perhaps more important than my educational expertise, I have personally experienced many of the same issues you might be struggling with. I have been confused about my next career move, unemployed and felt its despair, anxious about leadership & business decisions, struggled with entrepreneurship, worked in dysfunctional environments, returned to work after having a child, enjoyed the challenge of guiding a teen through first jobs, and squirmed my way through a midlife career transition. These experiences provide the empathy and ideas to help you on your journey!

Creativity Consulting (for Individuals, Groups, or Business Workforce Teams)

I came to this work after observing a dramatic drop across the last 2 decades in creative thinking skills, spontaneity, and passion in my university students as well as the career and family counseling clients in my practice. These people struggled with lopsided minds — utilizing only logic, facts, and data — ignoring the power of imagination, intuition, risk-taking, and passion. So when they needed to make important problem-solving decisions, crucial skills were undeveloped and unavailable, and lead to poor decisions, stuckness, and despair. Critical thinking must be balanced with creative thinking for a happy, fulfilled mind and an authentic life. Fuse nurtures creative strategies and opens the space in each of us where intellect can collide with passion and logic welcomes spontaneity.

Workshops on Creativity or Career Development

Fuse challenges the notion that you’re “not creative” through playful workshops combining fun, experiential methods with small group exercises and at-home practice while using research on creative thinking, brain health, career and business strategies.


Imagination smells like popsicles, a spray of watercolors or the inside of an old cello. Take a full breath in. And use the creativity you were born with!


Hire Fuse

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……..”I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end.
I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin.”   Neo, Matrix