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“Creativity can solve almost any problem.  The creative act—–the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.”—- George Louis

Happy and successful people recognize that creativity and innovation are critical to a balanced way of doing business and living life. When you are ignited with fresh ways of thinking then stale and ineffective habits give way to faster and more effective problem solving, enthusiastic and playful teamwork, higher productivity, innovative improvisation and higher life satisfaction!

With Fuse Creativity Consulting, you will gain the tools to think productively and with innovation, embrace change and risk with confidence, whether for yourself, your group, or your workforce team.  Each workshop has a specific focus in mind to help you reach your goals effectively. These workshops are offered either in-house at Fuse or at your site, and custom topics are always welcome.

Business Group Workshops:

A.  Innovative or Creative Thinking

  • Innovative Thinking for Business Workforce
  • Innovative Thinking for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

B.  Productive or Critical Thinking

  • Productive Thinking for Business Workforce
  • Productive Thinking for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

C.   Activating your ideas

  • Fusing Productive and Innovative Ideas into Action for Business
  • Captivating and Activating Speaking for Business Workforce
  • Captivating and Activating Speaking for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

D.  Career Innovation

  • Career Transitions for Business Workforce
  • Resume, LinkedIn, Job Search Development

E.  Special Topics

  • Executive Innovation–Individual Consulting

F.  Guest Speaker

If you are interested in having Dr. Hoyt speak to your group or business as a lecturer without a workshop, then please contact her directly to share your ideas and needs.


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