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Leading-edge resumes differ from those of the past.


Employers spend an average of only 3 to 8 seconds looking at a resume.

Contemporary resumes need to target 3 unique audiences to get noticed.

Limiting your resume to 1 page is often a mistake.


What makes a leading-edge resume different?

Today’s employers want to know more than your work history. They want to know about your personality, work habits, social skills, growth edge, problem-solving skills, ability to adapt, and more!  As such, resumes are no longer simple lists of previous jobs. They are marketing tools, snapshots of your unique gifts, and summaries of your contributions to your work environment.

Plus, your resume needs to appeal to managers, but also computer search engines and human resource directors.  So unless specified as a requirement on a job application, don’t limit your accomplishments to just one page!

And you need to communicate all of these ideas in 3 to 8 seconds. 






Yikes! My resume doesn’t meet all these requirements!


Don’t worry, Fuse can help.





My name is Kelly and I am ready to transform your resume into a leading-edge marketing tool.  For more than a decade, I have enjoyed teaching others to use the beauty of writing as an art form. Now I have teamed up with Dr. Kathy Hoyt from Fuse, who has extensive training + experience in resume creation,  to make a beautiful resume for you by combining my skills with Kathy’s current resume research and proven tactics!

Let your resume empower the next step in your career journey!   Let’s get writing! 

Learn more about me in the video below: 



How will I help you improve your resume?

I begin with your current resume, previous jobs, education, and volunteer experience. 

Next, I work with you to determine key contributions that you made to each job. 

Then, we develop a list of unique gifts that you have to offer an employer based on your personality, values and strengths. 

After that, we create a brand for you that markets you as the desirable individual that you are!

I  tailor your resume to the specific job that you want with features that appeal to the current job market. 

Finally we look at the eye appeal of the document, so that your gifts can shine.


In the end, you will have a leading-edge resume:

with an easy to read and useful summary sprinkled with  unique contributions and facets of your personality and work style—plus  keywords that market you at a digital level like a professional. 


Take your resume to the next level!

Prices vary according to the needs of the individual client.

    Please call Fuse Creativity Consulting for an initial consultation.

(541) 382-0800