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JUICY JOY:  Play, Energize, & Innovate ! Group Webinar for Women Leaders

July 9 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
  • This event has passed.
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…Do you feel like your best “isn’t enough”?

…Do you ever feel spread too thin?


Whether you’re the queen of the boardroom or queen of the household (or both!), let’s empower you with tangible tools to help you break out of ruts and go from “spread too thin” to overflowing.

I invite you to join my 6-week group webinar designed specifically for women, just like you, looking to learn about strategies that will allow you to become powered by passion, activism, & creative innovation.

This course will help you to stop leading with frustrated drag or anxiety and begin to lead with joy, heart, and creativity in every aspect of your life.

Dr. Kathy Hoyt (Psychologist, Fuse Creativity)

I help individuals and businesses who are struggling with change by utilizing the best parts of psychology to develop creative thinking skills and passions.




6-week Course & Information:

Tuesdays 4 to 5:30 PM (PST), July 9th to August 13th

FORMAT:  Live Group Webinar*
*Recordings will be available afterwards if you are unable to attend any session

Please note: This 6-week workshop is conducted online in a group setting designed to be a safe space to create community, work through at your own pace, and enjoy the freedom to explore new ideas.   All information you share is expected to be held confidential by the group members and your participation in any activity is voluntary.

Course Agenda and Registration:

Week 1—The Power of Creativity to Heal and Energize

When the “not enough” creeps in, how can you get reenergized & back into the flow

  • Feeling tired and stressed? Isolated? Let’s get you energized!
  • In week 1, we’ll start with simple exercises to help you harness play and creativity so that you feel more effective
  • We’ll then explore how to gather that creative energy and channel it to fill the reservoir of “enough”
  • After week 1, you’ll already start feeling less isolated and more innovative

Week 2— Use Exploration and Play So That You Become A Better Time Manager

What’s the underlying issue you face when you feel “spread too thin”?

  • In week 2, we will explore how we get into “ruts”?
  • How can we identify them sooner to avoid feeling “spread too thin”?
  • We’ll aim to get your life in balance between play and work
  • Use simple tools for exploration and play so that your energy lasts

Week 3—Think and Innovate with Abandon

Do you ever regret how you’ve handled difficult situations?

  • Do you feel unprepared for stressful situations sometimes?
  • Or maybe you got stuck when asked for an idea in front of a group?
  • When you practice spontaneous and innovative thinking— you can be ready for anything
  • If you’re a creative, or always yearned to be one, we’ll do exercises together so you can throw creative blocks to the wayside for good

Week 4—Find Passion and Heart as a Leader

If you’ve ever felt torn between passion and obligation, this week is for you

  • The top 2 questions my clients ask me:
    • Where does passion come from?
    • And how can I find mine?
  • Practice emotion and passion as a skill and choose it as a strategy
  • Become an effective leader with “heart”

Week 5— Handling Change From a Place of Grace and Fulfillment

When you cultivate juicy joy in your life you can act instead of reacting

  • Change is inevitable and can cause fear or dread in all of us
  • Enjoy change as a constant flow of curious exploration
  • How do you determine when you should change vs. keep doing what you always have been?
  • Activate change around you more easily.

Week 6—Sustainable Juicy Joy

Spread Your Joy. Change The World: Tools for Success Past This Workshop

  • Tangible, tactical steps that allow you to create lasting change in your life
  • How can you continue to cultivate the joy and creativity we’ve sparked during our time together?
  • How can you do it in a way that’s easy with the demands of your life?
  • And how to share this with your peers, staff and family?


To learn more and to enroll in the course, all participants must first book an enrollment call with Dr. Kathy Hoyt.  In addition to learning more about the details of the course, this is a great time for you to connect one-on-one with Dr. Kathy Hoyt and find out if the 6-week program is a good fit for your needs.
1) Simply click on the “For Further Information/Register” button below and fill out the form with your contact information.
2) Our team will reach out to you to set-up your enrollment call.


  • Date

    July 9

  • Time

    4:00 pm

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    Fuse Creativity Consulting—Kathy Hoyt, Ph.D.

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