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Monkey Masterminds–2nd Fridays in Tumalo

April 12 @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • This event has passed.
10501887 - chinese horoscope. year of the monkey
The Neurology of “Play”!
Explore the fusion of your unique neurology and “Play” with Denise Palermo

How the lost art of “Play” is a powerful pathway to regaining your vitality & health.  How it can be used as a tool for increasing strength & mobility, improving balance & visual skills, reducing the experience of pain, and expanding athletic abilities.

Denise will show you how to tap into your unique neurology via “play” to stimulate these pathways as a method to improve how we move and how we feel in our bodies, and also as a way to create social connection.

We will play several interactive games that will take our learning and put it into a real experience of your unique neurology.  We can expect to create instantly improved movement coordination, balance, speed, mobility and pain reduction…and fun!



Hosted by Dr. Kathy Hoyt, Creativity Consultant and Psychologist at Fuse Creativity in Tumalo.  

MONKEY  (Buddha believed the human mind is filled with drunken monkeys jumping and flinging themselves from tree branches and chattering nonstop– that our minds are in constant motion.)  MASTERMIND (a person who supplies direction or creative intelligence.)  

MONKEY MASTERMINDS is a social occasion for fun inspiring speakers and audience members to talk about passionate, inventive, and imaginative ideas about products, business, hobbies, & life.  It’s your chance to try something new and chill back in your chair with appetizers with an intriguing small group on a Friday night in comfy cozy Tumalo.  Bring a friend or a date, or come with your lil’ ol’ self.  

Bring your own monkey wine or beer, we provide the awesome appetizers and coffee, the guest speaker, plus a fun innovative activity.   Our goal is to inspire innovative thinking and action, develop awareness of the creative efforts of the community around us, and offer fun ways to explore yourself and others through discussion and activities.   This is no plain old passive lecture—you’ll leave inspired and energized!


  • Date

    April 12

  • Time

    5:30 pm

  • Cost


  • Presented By

    Fuse Creativity Consulting—Kathy Hoyt, Ph.D.

  • Location

    19855 4th St., Suite 104
    Tumalo, OR 97702 United States

  • Directions